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    There is so much buzz world wide about green initiatives and climate change. It is sure to be a hot top at this year’s global summit which will surely bring to life new building regulations, after all, occupied buildings account for about 40% of the global energy consumption. What does this mean for you as a business owner and your building?

    This means you will be held to higher standards for your building’s energy consumptions and GHG, Green House Gas, emissions. There will likely be some flexibility on how you will have to comply with the new regulations and changes to reduce energy usage and improve GHG emissions will have other benefits for your business. Being a Green Building means your business will see a decrease in utility bills and maintenance costs while increasing your bottom line. Now who doesn’t want that?

    Instead of being reactive, let’s try to be proactive. We can foresee these regulation changes on the horizon, so why not start Going Green now. V-Blox has put together a list of 10 Tips to Help Your Business and Building Go Green today.

    10 Tips for Green Buildings

    1. Use Energy Efficient Lighting

    2. Conduct an Energy Audit and determine if you have any options for energy optimization, power factor correction or surge protection products. Contact V-Blox

    3. Choose sustainable woods and recycled materials for construction

    4. Use insulation designed to help reduce energy costs of the building

    5. Reuse and Recycle materials including paper, aluminum and plastic; encourage and/or reward employees for participating

    6. Use Green cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals that are bad for our environment

    7. Utilize mugs vs. Styrofoam cups; an average person uses 500 disposable cups a year, you do the math

    8. Turn off electrical equipment when they are not in use

    9. Program your thermostat so that energy consumption will be reduced during off hours

    10. Continue learning about new ways you can take your building Green

    Just making some simple changes to your building or facility will go along way in helping protect our environment for the future. This Thanksgiving, remember to give thanks to the thing that gives us so much, our Environment.

    V-Blox is thankful for everything the environment has given us and is dedicated to helping improve the environment for the future through energy optimization for buildings.

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